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Since joining New School University in 1991, the World Policy Institute has sought to adapt its traditional mission of policy research and advocacy on critical world problems to the New School's tradition of creative adult education. It has done so at a time when the traditional subject of international diplomacy and world politics itself is being transformed by dramatic world changes from the end of the Cold War to the increasing blurring of the line between domestic and international concerns. Accordingly, the Institute has both redefined its agenda and broadened its mission. In particular, it has established for itself a threefold mission at the New School: 

First, the Institute seeks to offer innovative policy proposals for public debate with the goal of developing an internationalist consensus on the measures needed for the management of a world market economy, the development of a workable system of collective security, and the creation of an active transnational civil society. 

Second, it seeks to promote greater public understanding of the relationship between domestic and international policy and to train journalists, policymakers, business and civic leaders to be capable of understanding emerging world problems and of reconciling the often competing demands of globalization and national policy. 

Finally, it seeks to nurture a new generation of writers and public intellectuals committed to internationalist thinking and to provide students in the New School community with an opportunity to gain practical experience in policy research and advocacy on global issues.

The bi-annual newsletter of the World Policy Institue provides information on new research projects, events, and covers recent media activity by Senior Fellows, Program Fellows and staff members.


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